Guide for Authors Submitting to JEPM

The Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine fills a unique niche by providing practitioners with a convenient, comprehensive resource to enhance their practice of veterinary medicine. There is currently no other periodical that provides such detailed, procedure-oriented information, combining the effectiveness of an atlas with the timeliness of a journal. We value your participation as a contributing author and provide these guidelines to ensure the timely publication of your article.

Peer review

The editorial process is overseen by the editorial board of the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians and the editorial board of the Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine. All submissions will be reviewed by at least 2 anonymous reviewers and evaluated for originality, a clear statement of a hypothesis, experimental design, completeness of methods, thoughtfulness of the discussion, and conclusions that are supported by data. Authors may name up to 5 potential reviewers; however, the Editors retain the right to assign different reviewers as deemed appropriate.

Types of contribution

1. Original Research Papers

2. Review Articles

3. Case Reports

We thank you for considering publication in the Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine. For a complete description of the types of contribution and instructions for submitting to JEPM, please click here. Instructions are in PDF format.

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