2012 - 11th Annual AEMV Conference

October 23-26, 2012
Marriott Oakland City Center, Oakland California

Proceedings from the 2012 Conference are available to all current AEMV members. To access them, AEMV Members must log in and then choose AEMV Conference Proceedings from the CONFERENCES menu.

Schedule at a Glance


  • Scientific Session
  • Zoo Trip, Dinner, and Auction


  • First Day of Dental/Orofacial Surgery Lectures with Dr. Vittorio Capello, Dr. Angela Lennox
  • Master Class by Dr. Nico Schoemaker & Dr. Yvonne van Zeeland
  • Master Class by Dr. Natalie Antinoff
  • Annual Membership Meeting with Officer Elections


  • Continuation of Dental/Orofacial Surgery Lectures with Dr. Vittorio Capello and Dr. Angela Lennox
  • Off site Dental Practical Workshop
  • Master Classes by Dr. Cathy Johnson-Delaney
  • Pathology and Diagnostics

FRIDAY 10/26

  • Case Reports
  • AAZV/AEMV Joint Session "Charismatic Microvertebrates"
  • AEMV Luncheon

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